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Past Event Gallery 

American Historic Jukebox Society Auction
  Traveling jukebox enthusiasts! Claude from Canada and Donnie Kueller from Florida hanging out with Rich Brinkos, aka "The Gumball Guy"   Nick Rosa of the AHJBS   Bill Lindley, Dave Nuss, Doug Hess, and Phil Fabrizio enjoying the show  
  Rich Brinkos showing his patriotism   Dave Nuss towering over Rich Brinkos!   Wayne Lanning and Dave Nuss checking out some of the collectibles available at the show  

Bob Ellis "The Record Guy" with his selection of 45s for sale

  Sue & Sue having some fun while the guys check out the jukeboxes   Bob Aspenliner with some of his items for sale  
  New collectors, "Susie Seeburg" and her husband Jay   Some items available for sale at ken Schaffer's booth   Bill Lindley loads a jukebox while Wayne Lanning lends a helping hand  
  The Lindley boys under the direction of Rich Brinkos to generate some lunch money. Come on Rich! Stick to selling gum machines!   Rich sending the Lindley Boys off into the crowd   Rich Brinkos again, this time with Nick Rosa  
  Doug Hess posing with a jukebox for sale   Sue and sue scheming while the men are still preoccupied with jukeboxes   Tom Kinney relaxing as customers thumb through his 45s for sale  
  Nick Rosa conducting the auction       More of the auction  
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